"WTF... do all these pineapples have to do with anything?"

No really, 

​What​... are you doing here?

(Please be specific.)

Perhaps you are here to spy on Lindy Moone, author of In(s)ane Mysteries like "Hyperlink from Hell," and to see what nonsense didn't fit into that or other Books, like more Trivia, or what's new with her, in News. You might also check out what mischief The Dictionary and The Laptop are up to, in Al's Library, or read some really weird quotes out of context. Then You could contact Lindy, and ask her 




​​What... is (a) literary (sub)version?

Literary (Sub)version (noun): a word or phrase whose meaning is enhanced, or undermined, by cowardly letters lurking in parentheses. Its filthy-minded cousin is "Literary (Per)version." Both terms were coined by Lindy. Confused? Here they are in sentences:






I said, WTF ?

Literary (Sub)version makes "go(l)d" from "go(na)ds."

Literary (Per)version has the opposite effect.

read Hyperlink from Hell to find out.

What the FAQ?

Q. Is there a blog around here somewhere?

A. Yup! Not your typical blog, meant to educate or inform... Where's The Fun in that?
Go "Belly-up!"
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