Tastes like chicken,” in reference to the V-Rex, is a nod to scientific comparisons of proteins isolated from a T-Rex bone, said to be (almost?) identical to a protein found in chicken. That’s one big Tweet.


F.Y.I : The Director thinks this is all so childish.

The “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, all the way to The Big Easy” dream sequence (with its oily, flooded streets and the dragon in a garage) was based on a dream I had well before hurricane Katrina, and even more well before the B.P. oil disaster that devastated the gulf. It was also written before I’d read “The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark,” by Carl Sagan. Imagine my surprise when I got to chapter ten: “The Dragon in My Garage.”


Don't you hate dream sequences?

So U C, it's not just OTT, it's OMG, IMA F&*k%ng Psychic! 

Don't let Al fool you. A debonair snake is still a snake.

was named after Danny Devito’s            character in “Taxi,”


to ​mom,

Hot, hot, hot

were my first words.

That doesn't

bode well.​

Some of the many rejected titles:
“Revelations”; “Heaven Has a Ha-ha”; “Going Down.” (Hmm... Wonder why that last one was rejected.)

Oh, and previous Almighty Interns include Rasputin, a host of little green men, and Elvis, which explains all those pesky sightings.
Jimmie says:
"More pictures!"


his name from the author's (real) initials.


What's a


There are two kinds

of Ectoplasm cocktails that I'm aware of:

Sparkling Ectoplasm” is a variation of the one with vodka, nutmeg, cream and lemon juice;

the other is a devilish potion of vodka, orange liqueur, Blue Curacao and

a splash of orange juice.




A confession:

Some folks have compared the Hyperlinks in HFH to Terry Pratchett's use of footnotes. This was a coincidence, since (I am ashamed to say) I'd never heard of him until the book was in its 4th or 5th draft.

Imagine how disgusted and disappointed I was... until I started reading his books. Where had I been all my life? I downloaded a new one, as a gift to myself for getting this website on line.

A Confession:

"Jimmie's" footnotes/hyperlinks have a unique function. Unlike most authors, he uses them as a coping mechanism. It's hard to keep your mind on track with ADHD, especially when you've got hyperthymesia and an eidetic memory. What to do, when you're told to write down "every little thing that happened," but your mind plays hopscotch? Let it play, in footnote form.

Ever wonder where this little beauty came from? Look up "Exaggeration" in Roget's Thesaurus!:


Hyperlink from Hell is:


“A magnificent overstatement of hyperbole; an
amplification of aggrandized embroidery; an
extravagant stretch of caricature; a yarn, a
traveler’s tale, a fish story, a tall tale of puffery
and boasting; a rant.”

[More Trivia later]
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