Lindy (noun): 1. the “Lindy Hop,” a dance. 2. a nickname for anyone whose (real) last name begins with “Lind,” such as “Lindberg” or “Linderhoffsteddermeyerson.”

Moone (noun): the moon – you know, the moon? -- with an affectatious “e” stuck on the end.
Affectatious (adjective; a neologism): highfalutin; stuck-up; full of (sh)it(e); puttin’-on-airs-ish.
Neologism (noun): 1. a made-up word. 2. a meaningless word coined by a psychotic. No really – that’s what it means. It’s not: 3. the logistics of being Neo.
Neo (proper noun): that guy in “The Matrix.” Not to be confused with NEI, as in “NEI Sayer.”
NEI (abbreviation): Not Enough Information; the flip side of TMI and not as cheeky as TMM.
Nei Sayer (improper noun): 1. a person who can NEVER be satisfied with what you tell him. Not to be confused with a horse. 2. a conspiracy theorist. 3. if you can think of another definition, TMM.
TMM (abbreviation): Tell Me More. (This is blatant flirting and/or pandering by The Dictionary and/or Lindy Moone.)
Lindy Moone (improper noun): 1. the perfect moon to dance the Lindy under. 2. an author who makes up words and idio(pa)t(h)ic idioms and thinks she’s a good dancer but really she’s rubbish.
Idio(pa)t(h)ic Idiom (noun): a pun-based saying, meaningless to all but its originator, Lindy Moone.

"Frak the Prime Directive!
I'm cold and this isn't my universe!"​

"Is Jenny still a monkey?"

"The pineapples
were getting restless."
"Morning already? I haven't had a good night's sleep since I died."

"... the statute of limitations on crotch-less panties..."

    ...The Dictionary has fluttered onto the desk and splayed itself provocatively across the blotter. It starts flipping pages in its best “come hither” fashion, until your heart's aflutter and you need to lie down on the couch. Good thing you have something to read. As always, one thing leads to another:​

    ...The Laptop sulks on the desk, ignored but open, recording the whole thing and thinking about blackmail and what it can do with the proceeds. It's thinking upgrades.​ Sexy upgrades. Apps on laps. It starts humming softly to itself... 

...until it dozes off and starts dreaming about Jimmie's book.    Oh, no... Now

It's talking spoilers in its sleep:


 "I saw stars, but didn't pass out."


back in Al's library...

"Pineapples don't have eyes. That's potatoes."

"Sometimes snot comes in handy."

"It seems to me that most of the differences between universes are down to typos."

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