​(Hyperlink): At the end of chapter 8 (Twist, then Shout), Al overhears Jimmie saying that they couldn't be in Hell, because things could get worse. "We could all be pineapples." ​(Jimmie = Idiot.)

​the Crotch-less Panties defense:

​(Hyperlink): In chapter 7 (Out of the Frying Pan), under the influence of the Multimorph, Jimmie confesses that he cheated on Jenny, and blames it on a pair of crotch-less panties. Later, Jenny ponders "the statute of limitations on crotch-less panties."​​


​(Hyperlink): In chapter 13 (Hurry up and Wait), Jimmie explains why he doesn't always use proper grammar, and why Howard the desk clerk irks him. (Both are too snotty.) Later, he finds Howard's aid invaluable, forcing him to admit that "sometimes, snot comes in handy." ​

Good night's sleep:

​(Hyperlink): Poor Jimmie. Every time he tries to get some rest, there's a vampire attack, or he's knocked out cold by Shakespeare or a tornado, or wakes up pregnant or with a handful of invisible dog poo. It's enough to make anyone in(s)ane!​










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A "MacGuffin" is something or someone the main character of a story desperately wants to control, possess, protect or destroy. Sometimes, there's no reason given for the obsession. In the After Ward series, the "bat" guy's last name is (you guessed it!) MacGuffin.

In(s)ane definitions (and spoilers)

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Plot Coupons:

The purpose of a "plot coupon" is to keep the plot rolling along, or to solve some minor plot problem. In Hyperlink, Pedro is sprung from Hell by the world's most literal plot coupon, a "Get Out of Hell Free" coupon, whipped up by Jimmie, who got the idea because Al had said Pedro was "redeemable."

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