"Hyperlink from Hell is witty, complex, profane, inane and insane."

-- Carol Ervinauthor of The Girl on the Mountain and Cold Comfort


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​This book is for readers who crave something truly original.

Hyperlink from Hell could become a cult classic. It's substantial enough, and poses abundant questions for analysis in college literature classes. I envision term papers, theses, dissertations, bull-sessions. In a few places, a "banned book," because some will take offense. [....] by the end, I loved how the author puzzled the pieces together, and I was ready to read again from the beginning. Contemporary fiction seldom presents such a challenge, or such fine writing."


-- Tobias D. Robison

author of fantasy novel, Raven's Gift

​"This is a great book! It's an exceedingly fun read that moves its interesting cast of characters through a series of (often very funny) situations as the mysteries around them deepen.

-- Richard Ruane​, review for Amazon

​"Can the hero of this brilliantly written book prevent a murder that happened barely one year ago? And why does "Al" keep changing his universe?

The author takes us through a kaleidoscopic adventure of plots, subplots and deft media references, while we try to make sense of it all. Time travel to the present (rather than the past and the future) is sooo tricky, especially when one's footgear keeps metamorphosing. The footnotes made me laugh while I was trying to keep all the Jennies straight.

I heartily recommend this book. It's a rare treat that you can read more than once. The jokes will be just as fresh the second time, and when you know where the plot is going, you'll enjoy being puzzled and confused in entirely new ways."

a seriously addictive and twisted novel. This book works on lots of levels, but you don't need an analytical mind to laugh your ass off. I think it emits endorphins!
-- Gigi
"...a masterpiece in the rare and subtle art of OMFG!"

--  Lord Jeffrey of StarbuckyAmazon reviewer

Words can't express how I feel about this book, but pantomimes would be worse, so I'll give it a try. Simply put, Lindy Moone's book is a masterpiece in the rare and subtle art of OMFG! I spilled so much water, coffee and Diet Coke reading this I should have gotten the paperback instead of the eBook version. Lindy Moone's writing style reminds me of Douglas Adams without that whole British thing going on--easily as funny, if not more clever. Also, Moone's book is an out-and-out mystery, with intrigue, characters you care about and want good things to happen to. It's one of those books that, if they ever made it into a movie, forums all over the Internet would go up in flames over who was going to play Jenny, Monique and Jimmie. The dog will be easy to cast - but no spoilers (heh).Ok, time to go refill my drink (again!).

A Note from (that) Elisa

The first few minutes of the Maureen O'Hara version of Miracle on 34th Street came to mind when I finished this joyride of a book. You know the part in the beginning, where they are watching the trailer and the producer gets angry and says NO! NO! it can't be all those things. How can one movie be exciting and funny, romantic and touching, a picture for everyone?


Well this book is all that and more. Funny, crazy, mysterious, romantic, and yes, sad. I can't wait for more. Yes, you're right, I'm one of the author's sisters. Yes, the one in the dedication, but it has come a long way from that first draft and I just had to buy it (I really did!) and see this version. I still think it's a most amazing read!

In(s)ane Mysteries:

           The After Ward series

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