Fanciful & Farcical


A Troll Called Humphrey

James A. Jeffries

Droll Troll

John L. Monk

Coverage Denied

Tobias D. Robison

Troll Got Your Tongue?

John L. Monk


All in the Family


Trolling on the River

F. Scott Kimball

If Wishes were Fishes

Rinelle Grey

Little Lambsy Deadsy

Sandra Stephens

Bay City Trollers

Scott Burtness

The Storyteller

Nick Cole

A Visit to the Zoo

Ffetch De'Ath

The M6 Troll

David Perry

The Tattooed Troll

Duncan Swallow










Mystery & Suspense


The Trip Trap

Duncan Swallow

Fergus Underbridge,

Troll Detective

A. A. Leil

Trolley Tia

Bob Summer

For Whom the Bell Trolls

Lindy Moone

Hunted Turned Hunter

Duncan Swallow

Boiling Point

David Lawlor


J. Matthew McKern

Troll Music

Edward M. Grant





Troll Haiku


Meribeth Hutto & Lindy Moone



When Life Gives You Trolls,

Make Lemonade

E. A. Linden

Troll Dating

Cora Buhlert


For Whom the Bell



Leaning Literary


The Caves

Mark Capell

Neighborhood Troll

Gregg Fedchak

A Fable Where Everything

Falls Apart at the End

Petur HK


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